There’s a new fishing vessel sailing the seas around Unama’ki and people familiar with natural resources in Cape Breton will instantly recognize her name–Charlie Joe Dennis.

It is appropriate that a man who has been so closely associated with Mi’kmaq fisheries all his life would receive this honour.

The Eskasoni community gathered to celebrate at a seafood feast on the wharf at Crane Cove Seafoods on a beautiful summer afternoon.

Eskasoni Chief Leroy Denny presented Charlie with a commemorative plaque and a jacket printed with a drawing of the new vessel.

Also on hand were members of Eskasoni’s Band Council and staff from Crane Cove Fisheries.

The craft was blessed by Eskasoni priest Father MacDougall.

Also present was Eskasoni’s oldest resident Uncle Roddy, who received the honour of having the Fisheries’ next vessel named after him.


The Eskasoni community gathers to celebrate

Charle Dennis with Eskasoni’s oldest resident Uncle Roddy.


Charlie’s pitching hand shows as he smashes a bottle of bubbly in a traditional launch

Charlie is congratulated by Eskasoni Chief Leroy Denny, Brendon Poulette, Leon Denny, Muin Bernard, Barry Francis and John Frank Toney.
Charlie’s Angels! UINR Executive Director Lisa Young and UINR staff Shelley Denny and Annie Johnson ham it up as they help celebrate.