Eel vide capture

At the next Wagmatcook Lecture Series on Thursday June 6 we are presenting a series of ten short videos on eels and their importance in Mi’kmaq culture.

The videos tell everything we know about the American eel in Cape Breton.

UINR biologist Shelley Denny will be on hand with Mi’kmaq eel fishers Joe and Judy Googoo to introduce and discuss each video.

Produced in cooperation with Parks Canada,scientists from UINR, Parks Canada and Cape Breton University, fishers, cooks and Elders from around Cape Breton tell stories of the eel’s fascinating life cycle, its place in Mi’kmaq culture and efforts being made to protect its habitat.

Shelley Denny explains “The videos look at everything from the commercial eel fishery, cooking and eating eel to traditional eel fishing and making eel spears. 

Our declining eel population is a great concern and scientists are investigating reasons  for this decline.

The Wagmatcook Lecture Series takes place at the Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre at 10:00 am. Admission is free.