There’s a BIG weekend coming up for the community of Malikewe’j.

On Friday and Saturday June 7 and 8, UINR will be hosting our annual Spring Cleaning and Community Ditch Clean-up.

Help us help Malikewe’j by putting out large items that you want to have disposed of on the main road and Cemetery Road. Please have them out by Friday, June 7.

Please join us and volunteer for the ditch clean-up on Friday June 7 to Saturday June 8, from 10:00 am–3:00 pm daily.

We will not be cleaning around cabins, but you are welcome to use the dumpster or put items out at the end of your driveway for pickup.

On Sunday, June 9 join us to celebrate the release of the community-inspired document “Best Management Practices for the Well-Being of Malikewe’j and Preservation of Eels and Their Habitat.

A community lunch will be held at Cemetery Road, Malikewe’j at 1:00 pm, followed at 2:00 with the release and distribution of these important community guidelines.

For additional information, please contact Shelley Denny at:  or 379-2022.

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