For someone who is always behind the scenes, on the other side of the camera, it feels strange to be here on the pages of the Marten. Somehow, over the past 24 issues I’ve been able to avoid the spotlight, but since this is our 25th issue, it’s time to come out from behind the curtain, introduce myself and tell you about what I do at UINR.

I like to say I have the best job at UINR. Everyone else does the work and I get to talk about it! My job is communications. I write stories, take photos, put together this newsletter, keep our website up-to-date, post on UINR Facebook and Twitter pages, design our posters, booklets and publications.

I love my work and what makes it really great is the people I work with. Like the title says, it really is all about the people. They make it easy for me to do my job. They are active, involved, committed, passionate, intelligent and dedicated to making Unama’ki a better place, not just for now, but for the future.

I live on the Bras d’Or Lakes and every day I walk along its shores. Eagles fly overhead, fish jump in the pond and I watch the seasons change in the plants and trees along the shores. I like to think that the work I do will help preserve and protect the environment that I am so fortunate to live in. The work we do at UINR is tangible and it’s gratifying to see the positive changes that come from our research and stewardship.

Before coming to UINR, I worked on communications for a diverse and varied client list including Sydney Tar Ponds, artsCape Breton, Cape Breton University, Celtic Colours, Enterprise Cape Breton, Parks Canada, Destination Cape Breton, numerous small businesses and, in the entertainment field, from Rita MacNeil to Sunfish, Summertime Revue to Dangerous Dreamers.

My work at UINR brings together everything I am interested in–the natural world and our responsibility to it. Something that my Mi’kmaq friends and coworkers understand so well.

Ten questions

Chose an animal native to Unama’ki.

Spring peeper.

Favourite season?


What is the best part of your work?

The people.

Choose a quality you admire in others.


Favourite beach?

The one out my front door!

Last thing you read?

The Sister’s Brothers by Patrick deWitt.

What’s for supper tonight?

Vegetable soup.

What is your favourite website?


What did you do in the last week to help the environment?

Planted over 700 spring bulbs in my garden.

Chocolate or chips?

Chocolate. No contest.