Eel Poster 41x41 PRINT 2

UINR’s Shelley Denny, Angela Denny and Tyson Paul are attending the 2014 Annual Conference of the American Fisheries Society in Quebec City on August 17 to 21. They are presenting our poster Managing for Seven Generations: Mi’kmaq Knowledge, Eels and the Bras d’Or Lakes during the poster presentation reception on Monday from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

This is our first poster presentation and we are very excited to be both attending and presenting at this international event.

From the poster abstract: Application of traditional knowledge to eel sustainability is common practice in the eel sustenance fishery of the indigenous Mi’kmaq people in Canada but its use beyond the Mi’kmaq culture is not fully realized. Mi’kmaq ecological knowledge on katew, the American eel, gathered on traditional fishing grounds of the Bras d’Or Lakes, Nova Scotia provide an example of the use of Mi’kmaq knowledge for eel sustainability. Worldview, fishing practices, observations on eels, habitats and population status contribute to traditional management of Bras d’Or Lakes eels.