UINR just published a series of twelve fact sheets on Unama’ki plants, animals, birds, and fish that are of special importance to Mi’kmaw people.

In both Mi’kmaq and English, our fact sheets don’t just give scientific information, they also look at why they are important to Mi’kmaw people and what we have learned from our Elders.

Available free online and in Mi’kmaw classrooms as durable, laminated printed fact sheets, we expect that they will be a valuable teaching and educational aid.

Funding assistance was provided by Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey and Nova Scotia Support 4 Culture.

You can download the fact sheets by clicking on any of the illustrations below, or by visiting the LIBRARY section of our website and chasing PUBLICATIONS.


Wisqoq Black Ash Fact Sheet-1 Wisawtaqjij Goldthread Fact Sheet-1 Tiam Moose Fact Sheet-1 Plamu Atlantic Salmon Fact Sheet-1 Peju Atlantic Cod Fact Sheet-1 Muin Black Bear Fact Sheet-1 Mntmuk Oyster Fact Sheet-1 Kitpu Eagle Fact Sheet-1 Katew Eel Fact Sheet-1 Jikaw Striped Bass Fact Sheet-1 Aplikmuj Snowshoe Hare Fact Sheet-1 Apistanewj Marten Fact Sheet-1