Garett MacVicar

Forestry Technician

Growing up, when Garett was late for dinner, his mother didn’t have to look far to find him. He was, as usual, out playing in the woods behind his home in Marion Bridge. Building cabins, sledding, fishing, Garett loved the great outdoors.

Today if you need to find him, do as his Mom did, check out the woods! As UINR’s Forestry Technician, he spends most days analyzing forests, marking trees for cutting, monitoring contractor work quality, production and harvest block layout, while making sure that environmental guidelines are met. And he loves every minute of it.

After graduating from Riverview High School in 2008, Garett went to university in the hopes of becoming a Physical Education teacher, but he couldn’t stand being inside all day and quickly realized that it wasn’t the career for him. So he enrolled in the Natural Resources and Environmental Technology program at Nova Scotia Community College. And he excelled. After getting his diploma there in 2012, he went on to Algonquin College in Ontario where he earned his Forestry Technician Diploma in 2013. Besides being a Dean’s List Honour student he also became the Captain of the Algonquin College Lumberjack Team.

Known for being extremely safety conscious, Garett holds a variety of safety certificates in addition to being certified as a Forestry Technician, Environmental Technician, and Forest Industry Firefighter.

No stranger to hard work, before coming to UINR, Garett worked as a Student Forestry Technician at Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, as a Park Attendant at Two Rivers Wildlife Park, and as a Landscape Technician, and Mineral Exploration Survey Assistant.

“I would just like to say that the staff at UINR has been very welcoming and friendly. UINR has a very well put together and professional team. I am very excited and proud to be a part of it.”

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.”–Gordon B. Hinckley

Garett: In the News

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