The Pitu’paq partnership continues to work diligently on issues of environmental concern.

Of increasing interest to the partnership is the health of freshwater systems.

pitu'paq logoAlthough our planet is covered with water over ¾ of its surface area, less than 1% of that water is available to us in the form of accessible fresh water.

As the Province of Nova Scotia begins its water resources strategy, Pitu’paq has determined that it will work more closely with government on water issues.

Pitu’paq has passed a motion calling for a Full Panel Environmental Assessment from the Federal Government, and an Independent Mi’kmaq Environmental Assessment for the proposed hydroelectric project in Lake Uist.

Pitu’paq has completed an overview of projects from the past year, and is currently developing a workplan for this year.

Along with freshwater protection, Pitu’paq continues:

  • planning a long-term strategy for sewage and waste management for the Chapel Island mission;
  • encouraging planning strategies for the Malagawatch territory;
  • pursuing better regulations on road construction for subdivisions to prevent damage from run-off;
  • supporting the communities of Wagmatcook and Whycogomagh in their determination of solutions for the shared sewage treatment plant;
  • continuing the Green Municipal fund application for strategic planning for sewage in the known areas of difficulty around the Bras d’Or Lakes.

Pitu’paq looks forward to completing another successful year in reaching its commitments.

From UINR Marten – Vol.4. Issue.1 – Spring 2008