Moose Management

moose-management-logoMoose have provided much to the Mi'kmaq through the years. The Mi'kmaq way of resource management includes a spiritual element that ties the people to the plants, animals and the environment as a whole. A Moose Management Plan will put into practice the responsibilities that accompany Mi'kmaq treaty rights.

UINR has the responsibility to create a moose management plan for the moose in Unama'ki. UINR is mandated to implement this plan with the support of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council and the Unama'ki Council of Elders. Further development and long-term acceptance of this initiative is supported by Mi'kmaq leadership and by resolution of the Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs.

UINR works closely with the Mi'kmaq community and its leadership, along with representatives of the federal and provincial governments, to develop a plan that is supported by the Kwilmuk Maw-klusuaqn, Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative.

The Moose Management Initiative developed as a result of a partnership between UINR, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, and Parks Canada.


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UINR staff featured at Wagmatcook Lecture Series

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Invitation to the feast

Invitation to the feast

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Join us on Saturday October 8 at noon for the Sixth Annual Feast in the Highlands. Check out the invitation for full details. Bring your appetite! If you have any questions, contact Clifford Paul, UINR’s Moose Management Coordinator at    

Importance of Moose Harvester Reporting

Importance of Moose Harvester Reporting

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A Giant Leap

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Guidelines for Cape Breton Moose Hunting released

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Moose gathering findings

Moose gathering findings

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The findings of a two-day conference–Mawikwamk Wjit Tia’muk–Mi’kmaq Gathering on Moose have been released. Delegates representing Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq communities met and discussed developing guidelines for the native moose hunt in the Cape Breton Highlands. Dan Christmas, a conference facilitator explains, “The Mi’kmaq have treaty and aboriginal rights to hunt and we have taken an … Read More

Moose symposium

September 27, 2008Moose, News

Moose have provided so much to the Mi’kmaq through the years and now they will provide a model for self-government. Clifford Paul, Moose Management Coordinator explains, “The moose symposium is a significant event for Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq as it sets the framework for self-government. By empowering communities to take an active role in management, we … Read More

Ethical hunting

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Organized Youth Hunts There is a lot of work and responsibility involved in a moose harvest, and it takes great effort to ensure our youth are taught these things in a proper way. The Millbrook Youth Hunt has been setting the standard for Mi’kmaq communities with successful harvests in the last several years. Moose meat … Read More

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