UINR's partnerships with other organizations are an important part of what we do and the successes we have achieved.

Our lead role in organizations such as Pitu'paq and the Bras d'Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative have resulted in important accomplishments in achieving our environmental and management goals.

Through our partnerships with Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Cape Breton University, Georgia Pacific, Port Hawkesbury Paper, the province of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton municipalities, and a host of other government departments and organizations, UINR has ensured that Mi'kmaq perspective and knowledge have been an integral part of many projects.


Lisa Young

Executive Director

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Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

September 17, 2009News, Partnerships

We have many neighbours: people, plants, animals and all the wonders that occupy the land and water. We share the earth’s resources (including water), often without any plan for the future that ensures our shared water resource is clean and available to all. A watershed plan focuses on water and is a tool that identifies … Read More

Guidelines for Cape Breton Moose Hunting released

September 16, 2009Moose, Netukulimk, News, Partnerships

The Cape Breton Highlands have always been known as traditional Mi’kmaq hunting grounds. In fact, a Mi’kmaq hunter recently found a 4500 year-old arrowhead there, evidence that Mi’kmaq hunted there for thousands of years. However, in the 1800s, moose disappeared from Unama’ki and this ancient relationship came to an abrupt end that lasted for almost … Read More

We’re on a mission!

September 15, 2009News, Partnerships

We’re on a mission! Take thousands of people, put them on an island for four days with no sewage system and no where to dispose of their garbage and you can imagine what is left behind. This was the scene every year at the annual Chapel Island Mission in the small community of Potlotek. Back … Read More

UINR Partners with Parks Canada on Eel Study

June 16, 2009News, Partnerships

The Unama’ki Institute for Natural Resources (UINR) is working with Parks Canada to study the population of American eel in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Throughout June UINR staff will catch, measure, and release elvers (young eels) as they enter the rivers and brooks between Ingonish Beach and Neil’s Harbour. The project is looking at … Read More

Bras d'Or Lakes management on track?

December 27, 2008News, Partnerships

“Healing and reconciliation,” is how Elder Albert Marshall put it after the two day workshop held by Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative(CEPI). The Elders of Unama’ki gathered with CEPI in a workshop designed to clarify CEPI’s vision for a management plan for the Bras d’Or Lakes watershed. “Reconciliation must begin before the two … Read More

The Mission Accomplished

September 27, 2008News, Partnerships

2008 has been quite a year at the Chapel Island Mission! Even after a couple of hundred years of annual gathering on the Island, there is still work to be done. This year, UINR’s Laurie Suitor coordinated a team of students, community volunteers and staff to continue the recycling and sewage efforts from last year, … Read More

On another mission!

June 27, 2008News, Partnerships

The Pitu’paq partnership will be making an even bigger presence at the annual Chapel Island Mission this year. The five Unama’ki communities are providing student teams, and a dedicated Mission team has been hired under Nova Scotia Youth Corps program. Tobias Doucette and Eddie Doucette are back again this year, joined by new members Emma … Read More

Pitu'paq update

March 24, 2008News, Partnerships

The Pitu’paq partnership continues to work diligently on issues of environmental concern. Of increasing interest to the partnership is the health of freshwater systems. Although our planet is covered with water over ¾ of its surface area, less than 1% of that water is available to us in the form of accessible fresh water. As … Read More

Hydro project raising concerns

December 23, 2007News, Partnerships

Potlotek Elders say that if an ambitious hydropower plant proceeds, it will affect a traditional eel fishing area for this First Nation community. Cape Breton Explorations Ltd.’s plan to erect up to 44 wind turbines has passed the Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s zoning process. This approval includes pumping water from Lake Uist to a reservoir … Read More

How the Lakes are doing

September 18, 2007News, Partnerships, Research

Malfunctioning private septic systems, inadequate community sewage systems, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, boating sewage, and dangerous chemicals all contribute to problems with water quality in the Bras d’Or Lakes. UINR, along with the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative, have published The State of the Bras d’Or Marine Environmental Water Quality Background Report. The Report … Read More

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