Tom Howe, Fisheries & Oceans Canada; Tom Johnson, Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife; Joyce Patel, Fisheries & Oceans Canada; Derek Quann, Parks Canada; Annie Johnson, UINR; Norman Basque, Potlotek Guardians, Darryl Murrant, Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture; Marlene Doyle, Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada; Hubert Nicholas, Membertou Fisheries; Keith Christmas, UINR; Lisa Young, UINR; Charles Doucette, Potlotek Guardians; Atong Ater, Fisheries & Oceans Canada; Kerry Miller, Nova Scotia Environment; Lindiwe MacDonald, Environment Canada; Kelly Murphy, Environment Canada;
Patricia Bernard, We’koqma’q Fisheries; Clifford Paul, UINR; Preston Bernard, Wagmatcook Commercial Fisheries

The future of natural resource management in Unama’ki

It was with a spirit of cooperation and a willingness to think outside the box that UINR, Guardians from Unama’ki, Fisheries Managers, and representatives from a range of federal and provincial government departments gathered to develop a common vision to increase Mi’kmaq capacity for natural resource management.

The group gathered for an all-day meeting to review and discuss The Future Of Natural Resource Management in Unama’ki, a pilot proposal for a  natural resource management project.

The five-year pilot would help address gaps in the current forestry, wildlife, and environmental management practices of Unama’ki Mi’kmaq communities. The pilot would provide the necessary tools and resources to broaden our  natural resource management activities.

Some of the expanded activities in the pilot include wildlife stewardship and management, forestry stewardship and management, environmental monitoring, and salmon management.