For most people, getting one degree would be enough of an accomplishment…but not for Annie E. Johnson, UINR’s Financial Officer and resident cartoonist. She just graduated from CBU with two degrees–a Bachelor of Business Administration AND a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies!

84It took six years of dedicated work to achieve this milestone and Anne explains her reasoning, “I really didn’t want to get tied down to one discipline. I really liked the business aspect of things, always having thought of myself as somewhat of an entrepreneur, but I wanted to keep my options open.”

For most of us, this would be enough school for a long time, but not Annie, “While I am happy to have reached this milestone in life, I still don’t feel like I’m finished with my professional education. There are lots of other opportunities out there for me to explore, and I am grateful that UINR is so encouraging of my studies and other training opportunities.”

When asked what her future plans are, Annie elaborates, “Next on my list is the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association designation, Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager. I’d like to give special thanks to Charlie Dennis and UINR for encouraging me to continue with my studies even though I was at work. Through a lot of crazy work hours and prioritizing classes, exams, and meetings, I got it done.”

Congratulations from everyone at UINR for your great accomplishment!