UINR participated in the Second Annual Bras d’Or Watch 2016 on Saturday July 16 at Morris Beach in Eskasoni. Here’s some photos from the day.

Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-3
Two Bras d’Or Watch participants hunt for marine life
Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-2
Tiny starfish
Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-6
Northern pipefish (Syngnathus fuscus)
Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-8
Tristan Simon, Maureen Cameron-MacMillan, Annamarie Hatcher, Shelley Denny, Emma Garden
Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-10
UINR’s Emma Garden gives a thumbs up!
Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-5
These folks were doing their own Bras d’Or Watch out on the Lakes today!

. Bras d'Or Watch 20162016-9