Organized Youth Hunts

114There is a lot of work and responsibility involved in a moose harvest, and it takes great effort to ensure our youth are taught these things in a proper way. The Millbrook Youth Hunt has been setting the standard for Mi’kmaq communities with successful harvests in the last several years.

Moose meat harvested from their hunts is used for a community–with Millbrook Elders being the guests of honour. Youth from the community are paired up with community hunters and Elders for a weekend camp in the Cape Breton Highlands. The success of these camps cannot just be attributed to a successful harvest of moose. Most often, it is the quality time spent at the camp and the interaction between Elders and youth that makes the experience a success.

Students from Waycobah First Nation School have also been accessing the resource. They had very successful harvests this year. In fact, two grade five classes were involved in a successful harvest early last Fall.

For our younger Mi’kmaq hunters, training in Mi’kmaq ethical moose hunting practices is of paramount importance. The Moose Working Group acknowledges the efforts of the people that take the time to teach our youth proper safety and share their knowledge of moose harvesting.

From UINR Marten – Vol.4. Issue.1 – Spring 2008