Not likely.

All these species are at risk of extinction in Unama’ki. Species at Risk are animals, plants, and other organisms that are at serious risk of extinction, usually due to human activities which pose a threat to the species or their habitat.

In Nova Scotia today there are over ten thousand wildlife species: 5 are extinct, 47 are seriously at risk, and the list grows.

What can you do? Visit our website at www.uinr. ca/ speciesatrisk

Teedaze Catherine Paul has been working on a project to educate native students about the new Species at Risk Act (SARA) and how it relates to their aboriginal rights.

Teedaze brought presentations to all schools in Unama’ki where aboriginal students attend.

An informative poster and website were produced to further the educational process.

The species you see here are on the list of Species at Risk in Unama’ki

Canada Lynx

American Marten

Wood Turtle

Yellow Lampmussel

New Jersey Rush

Piping Plover,

Felt Boreal Lichen

Gaspe Shrew

311We have a lot of people to thank for this project. The photographs of these species were almost as difficult to find as the creatures in the wild! Special thanks to Samara Eaton, Wildlife Biologist, NS Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division; Pamela Mills, Wildlife Resource, Biodiversity Program, Wildlife Division; Ruth Newell, Curator, E.C. Smith Herbarium, Irving Biodiversity Collection, K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre & Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens, Acadia University, Wolfville; Rob Cameron, Ecologist, Protected Areas Branch, NS Environment and Labour; Mark F. Elderkin, Species at Risk Biologist, Wildlife Division, NS Department of Natural Resources.

From UINR Marten – Vol.2. Issue.1 – Spring 2006