Eskasoni resident Blair Bernard has joined UINR as coordinator of our Natural Resource Officer (NRO) Program. Blair is responsible for establishing the program’s goals and setting up an aboriginal food fishery. UINR’s goals for the NRO Program are to develop a strong coordination role and regulatory authority, and negotiate strong training agreements while developing meaningful employment.

310Our NRO Program is focusing on all areas of natural resources of concern to First Nations including forestry, fisheries, environment, wildlife management, and emergency measures. Staff will consist of Natural Resource Officers and Environmental Technicians trained in the appropriate monitoring and enforcement protocols and procedures.

Blair has a wealth of experience to coordinate this program. He worked with Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission for 15 years both as a Guardian and Manager of the Commercial Fishing Division. As Guardian for the native fishery, he was involved in enforcement and joint patrols with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and was involved with several scientific studies around the Bras d’Or Lakes.

Blair, a graduate of Riverview Rural High School, received his Diploma in Natural Resources from UCCB and has received a wealth of additional training as a Fishery Guardian from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

All Blair’s training and experience has led to his position as coordinator of this important program.

From UINR Marten – Vol.2. Issue.1 – Spring 2006